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When it comes to giving our children a chance to succeed, we’re all in it together. This is why Lumin Academy has created an all-in-one solution that exceeds the education requirements set for alternative educational settings. Our revolutionary “school-in-a-box” program is easy to implement and comes complete with classroom setup, teachers and curriculum, supporting technology, plus everything that a student needs to learn and become a more well-rounded individual. Best of all, there’s no cost for this turnkey solution.

Lumin Academy offers three different program tracks to suit your students’ and your center’s needs: K-12 traditional education, K-12 special education, and dropout prevention for students who are 14 years old and up. All three tracks include the following services á-la-carte:

Custom Program Design—Custom educational program to fit the needs of your facility and your students Transition Services—When they leave the CRCs, our students are able to attend our partner brick-and-mortar schools and we facilitate the transition
Seamless Integration—Our understanding of behavioral disorders allows us to integrate the facility’s behavioral systems into the classroom Career Technical Education—Westwood Preparatory Academy’s Transition Coaches provide career preparation on-site
Direct instruction provided by High Qualified Teachers (HQT) Teachers
Therapeutic Electives—
Participation in structured physical activity that focuses students on respect and self-discipline
Differentiated Instruction—Our HQT teachers immediately provide hands-on, differentiated instruction right in your facility
Social Skill Development
Free Summer Programming
Special Education Service and Delivery—As part of Lumin Academy’s “school-in-a-box” approach, an on-site Special Education Coordinator will facilitate the Special Education Process from an initial evaluation to simply adopting existing IEPs to reflect the current setting Credit Recovery, Credit Flex, Dropout Prevention, GED Prep, and College Prep
Supportive of Trauma-Informed Care and Education
Therapeutic Services—Speech, occupational and physical therapy and services on-site in accordance with the student’s IEP Neurosequential Model of Education (NME) Trained Staff—Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) Training coming soon